You love to sell right?

I love making a sale.

It’s exciting.

It’s nerve-wracking.

It’s rewarding.

It’s great to get the opportunity to actually serve a client

And that’s why selling is a critical activity in your consulting business.

If you can’t sell, well, then you won’t have a business for very long.

For many people, however, they find selling difficult.

They might use excuses, such as telling themselves selling is a negative thing.

It’s dirty even.



But if you believe in your product or service, then selling it becomes your duty. You HAVE to get your service into the hands of others so that you can help them.

Struggling with selling is often a confidence issue, which itself can be brought about by a lack of belief in your product or service.

An expert in the arena of sales, and someone many of you have probably already come across, is Grant Cardone.

He’s an in-your-face, brash American.

But I like him. I like a lot of what he says.

I had the pleasure of watching him speak at an event in London last week.

And he is a truly excellent speaker.

I’ve just read two of his books in the last week:

  • Sell or be Sold
  • The Closer’s Survival Guide

I highly recommend them for the following reasons:

  1. It gives you an insight into the mind of someone obsessed with selling
  2. There’s a ton of advice and guidance on closing sales, and on dealing with objections
  3. Hearing someone else’s approach gives you the opportunity to reflect on your own approach

Now, a word of warning.

Don’t take everything that Grant says as gospel.

He’s not afraid of the hard sell. He has an absolute, undeniable belief that his products and services are needed by you. And he won’t stop at anything until you buy.

I would not apply all that he says in the corporate B2B space.

But a lot of what he says is applicable. And if you take the time to really listen to him – especially in Sell or be Sold – I do believe he is ethical in his beliefs and approach.

He’s just a bit fanatical at the same time!

One final thing. I read in reviews on Amazon that, as a follower of Scientology, a lot of people think Grant Cardone is simply pushing that religion.

Whilst he doesn’t mention Scientology directly, he does make mention twice of the Dianetics book – the Scientology ‘bible’ – in Sell of be Sold.

Me personally, I don’t follow any religion.

And I don’t think Grant Cardone pushes it in his books at all. So don’t be put off by any of those reviews.

Here’s the links to the two books. I actually listened to them on Audible. I’d recommend listening as you get a lot more of Grant Cardone’s energy by hearing him speak!

Have you come across Grant Cardone before?

What do you think of him – good or bad?

Do you see his advice applicable to your consulting business? if not, why not?