The two most valuable lessons I’ve learnt this year

This year has been one of my busiest times ever. It’s also been one of the most scary and exciting. You see, I chose to go all-in on my coaching business. That’s been a much more significant shift than I expected (I’ve always said coaching and consulting are not the same thing!). But through it all, I’ve learnt two really important lessons:

01 Just do it!

We spend so much time in self-doubt often masquerading as perfectionism. But the best way to improve something is to get it out there and get feedback.

When it comes to the delivery of our consulting, we don’t usually have a choice as we’re working to a deadline.

But when it comes to marketing and sales, we find ourselves procrastinating. Taking in just that little bit more information before we make a start ourselves.

Because, like our consulting work, we want it to be amazing. To wow people.

But then we go getting confused. We make what was a relatively small task – say writing a blog article – into a huge task!

We think about whether we’ve used the right keywords.

Are there any grammar or spelling errors?

Will it make sense to people in different countries?

Have I considered SEO?

Is the picture right?

Have I optimised the metadata?

Have I used the right hashtags?

Will the copy lead to a follow-up?

Is there a Call-To-Action (CTA)?

Is the headline optimised?

Before we know it, the task is so big that it just never gets done.

Give yourself permission to simply be good enough!

(I wrote a blog article on that recently here)

02 Stop listening to everyone!

We all follow people to learn from them. And because we often procrastinate, we end up thinking there’s even more things we need to learn before get started.

But before long, we’re listening to so many ‘gurus’ that the information starts to conflict.

A useful metaphor here would be my blog articles. When I post them on LinkedIn I sometimes get lots of comments and feedback.

Most of it is positive, but occasionally it is the polar opposite. I had someone quote the following on an article last week:

This article has too many flaws to properly comment.

Aside from the irony that this person did in fact comment is the fact that despite so many people liking the article, this person clearly hated it.

And they are entitled to their opinion (although I’d have preferred more valuable feedback from them).

But the same goes with all the people you’re listening to for advice. Eventually it all starts to conflict. You find yourself trying to turn left and right at the same time!

This year I chose one business coach to listen to on internet marketing. (

At times I’ve doubted his advice, but I’ve stuck with him.

And it’s made all the difference. Now, each time I read something from another guru on the same topic, I remind myself that right now I already have someone I’m listening to.

So remember, just as Nike has been telling us for years:

Just Do it!

Get started, and don’t take in too much advice along the way.

The best advice you’ll get will be the feedback from your clients and prospects.

The best advice you'll get on your marketing efforts will be from the feedback you get by putting it out there, not from listening to all the so called marketing gurus!

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