The 10 Most Common Mistakes Consultants Make

In the more than twenty years that I've been a consultant I've made my fair share of mistakes!

One of them quite catastrophic!

Many of them were avoidable if only I'd been shown what not to do, or if I was made more aware of the consequences of my actions.

From the work I do coaching consultants and consulting business owners, I've noticed that a number of these mistakes are repeated frequently.

I've listed out below what I see as the 10 most common mistakes that consultants make in the hope that:

  1. You can avoid making them, or become aware that you're currently making them and so make adjustments accordingly
  2. To get your input (in the comments section below) as to what you would add to the list from your experience?

I've focused only on the mistakes I see being made during the delivery of a project, from its initiation to its completion. I haven't included mistakes made earlier in the consulting life-cycle, such as during the marketing and sales activities. 

1. Not making the delivery team aware of the commercials

2. Not meeting with your project sponsor regularly

3. Not identifying all your project stakeholders

4. No clarity on deliverables

5. Not recording time

6. Not working as a cohesive team

7. Confusing the client's project with your project 

8. Being emotionally attached to your recommendations

9. Having no consequences for good or bad delivery

10. Not making the client aware of all the services that your firm provides

Now that you've read the list, what do you think? Have you made any of these mistakes?

What frequent mistakes do you make or have you seen others make that you think consultants should be aware of?

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