I want more marketing...

...said no consulting business leader ever.

It's not marketing that you want, it's more clients. Or maybe more of the right clients. But I'm afraid the only way to do that in a predictable and scalable manner is to invest in marketing. But what sort of marketing?

Professional services firms need to utilise marketing to get known, build trust, and generate leads. This means marketing through thought leadership and content. however, it's not as simple as that as not everyone is ready to buy!

Our marketing philosophy and approach is described in our blog article here. In short, we've devised a model that we call The Pyramid of Trust as you can see below.

Using this model we work with you to determine a marketing mix that's right for your business, and just as importantly, right for your prospects!

We also work with you to determine not just how much you want to invest in marketing, but how much you should be investing. Not just in terms of money but also in time. It's not always about throwing money at the problem. 

In recognising that different firms require different levels of support, we've broken our services down into 3 packaged offerings as follows:


Simple marketing that works!

  • Develop your marketing strategy
  • Get advice on aligning your website to your marketing strategy
  • Optimise your Linkedin profiles
  • Grow your Linkedin audience through outreach
  • Engage your audience through regular posting
  • Contact your ideal clients through cold email
  • Build trust and stay top of mind with a monthly email newsletter
  • Generate leads through webinars
  • Demonstrate experience through Case studies (additional fees apply)
  • Get monthly progress reporting

Budget from 2.5% of annual revenue


Fuel the fire!

Everything in The Basics plus...

  • Utilise content marketing to build trust (infographics, blog articles, lead magnets)
  • Promote content through organic channels and Linkedin Inmail
  • Implement landing pages to gate content and capture email subscribers
  • Increase content consumption and capture email subscribers with calls-to-action that convert
  • Design and implement an email subscriber nurture sequence
  • Connect with more people on Linkedin and start conversations with a message sequence
  • Increase webinar effectiveness with promotion, gated replays and post webinar email sequence
  • Implement an online calendar to increase inbound leads

Budget from 5% of annual revenue


Become a high-growth firm!

Everything in The Accelerator plus...

  • Connect with even more people on Linkedin and implement segmented conversation sequences
  • Assess content effectiveness with the Linkedin Insight Tag
  • Qualify leads through monitoring content consumption with Linkedin SmartLinks
  • Qualify leads through marketing automation
  • Implement cold email segmentation
  • Implement newsletter subscriber list segmentation and supporting new subscriber nurture sequences
  • Create long-form (educational) and short-form (actionable) lead magnets
  • Promote content consumption through Linkedin advertising
  • Screen inbound calls with a pre-qualification questionnaire and improve attendance through automation

Budget from 10% of annual revenue

Are you ready to start increasing the number of qualified leads in your firm?

Or if you feel your business would benefit from a different marketing mix, or even support on a single specific marketing channel, then click the button below to schedule a call with one of our experts.