The Evolution of a Linkedin Master

Like most people, I've been on Linkedin for years.

Although for most of that time I wasn't really using Linkedin. I was just on it, so to speak. 

Yet over the last 18 months I've spent well over 1,000hrs on it. 

Of course, that still makes me 9,000hrs short of being an expert! But I have learnt a thing or two in that time. 

I've summed up some of what I've learnt in this infographic, which follows my method for Linkedin Mastery which I call the A-E:

  • A - Attract: Optimise your Linkedin profile to attract prospects
  • B = Build: Whilst some of your network grows organically, for most of it you need to actively build your connections through a structured outbound campaign
  • C = Create: Quickly find, create and share content that your audience will love. Find your voice, start conversations, polarise your audience, become an authority in your niche!
  • D = Drive: You wouldn't expect in-person networking to be effective if you just stood in a corner!
    It's the same with Linkedin. You need to drive engagement with your content.
  • E = Exit: Consulting sales rarely happen on the phone. You need to get your prospects onto a phone call.

Granted, it's pushing the boundary a bit to call it an infographic as it's rather text heavy. That just shows how much there is to know about Linkedin. Or, as Churchill said, 

"I would have created you a shorter infographic but I didn't have the time."

(Ok, I might have edited that a bit!).

If you want to download a PDF of the infographic to keep or share, then click here. Or for a PNG version, click here.


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