What they say!

Don Wiid

CRM consultancy Co-Founder & Director


I'd been in business for a long time before I met Martin.

During that time, I'd tried most all of the different marketing approaches with varying levels of success.

Things were ticking along nicely in our business, but I had this nagging doubt that we were neglecting our marketing. Instead of investing in marketing, we were in danger of falling into the trap of relying on referrals and repeat business alone.

Whilst they are still fundamentally important, I knew that we were leaving food on the table if we didn't exploit other channels, especially digital.

What I particularly liked about the B2B Marketer's approach is how it joins everything up. Ensuring that our digital marketing efforts align with and support our traditional marketing channels, and vice versa.

We're now crystal clear on the type of prospects and clients we can help. Thanks Martin!

Alex Tillirides

AI Consultant and CEO

It's great to have a soundboard to make sure you're not crazy!

It's been really helpful to have someone to talk to who's been through it all before.

Even though I come from a Big Four background, I've developed a lot more knowledge of the sales process, and my confidence has grown accordingly.

A big difference is my ability to understand the value that I and my team offer to our clients. In general, I feel a lot more informed, and now have a holistic understanding of what it takes to run a successful consulting business.

Denis Oakley

Strategy Consultant

It's given me the confidence to go out there and sell.

The course is absolutely brilliant!

I've been able to package my consulting services, taking them from $50 to $5,000, transforming my consulting income in the process.

I spend far less time on admin, and faffing around as, with the Consulting Compass model from the B2B Marketer, I now have a robust system in place.


Mark Colgan

Marketing Consultant to B2B SaaS firms

I’ve been able to see how to focus on the eco system that is my business.

Rather than focusing solely on delivering projects, through the course I’ve been able to see how to focus on the eco system that is my business. I've been able to increase my prices, work less, earn more, and have more confidence in the future of my business.

Even though there's group sessions, it feels like a personalised course, and the weekly 1-2-1’s are fantastic.

Advice from Martin’s wealth of experience is extremely valuable, and has helped me overcome the challenges that I’ve had. In short, it's been a great experience.


Jack A.


Martin embodies the definition of what, to me, the modern management consultant should be. Drawing on extensive experience in a variety of companies coupled with a creative and enthusiastic approach Martin is able to translate and articulate highly complex situations to both project team and stakeholders alike. I have learnt a great deal from Martin and would go so far to say that he has been a great inspiration to my professional life.

Mehdi A.


Martin is a consummate professional. He has a natural management style that helps to bring people together and maximises the potential of our team. I have been impressed with his leadership, commitment and drive. He is a pleasure to work with.

Mike D.

Principal Consultant

Martin's dedication and commitment to both his work and colleagues are commendable. I would gladly recommend Martin without hesitation as an asset to any project or organisation.

Perry W.


Martin is an extremely competent, professional and knowledgeable consultant. In the time I was working with him, he used both his knowledge and innovation to develop solutions from concept to implementation. I would highly recommend his work.

Anthony V.

Global Director of Law Firm

Starting in a new global role, I needed Martin to help me assess the situation, develop our team strategy and support the teams' transformation, adopting new practices.

I was looking for support, grounded in hard work and facts, and pushing me for better performance.

Martin carries excellent team working abilities, and he can interact easily at any level within the organisation. He demonstrated a capacity to learn and understand the organisation, and an ability to get to the root causes of the challenges we faced.

From Strategy definition to guiding its successful implementation: Great contribution from Martin and his team.

Mike C.

Group Manager

Martin has helped us on a number of occasions and we have found him to be a pleasure to work with.

He brings breadth and depth in consulting skills, demonstrates diligence in his work, and provides high-quality outputs. 

He has shown adaptability in the assignments he has undertaken for us, and I can always be confident when he presents his outputs to the senior management team.

A key aspect of his approach and style is the ability to take on board and respond appropriately to critique.