Our jam-packed newsletter…


Email newsletter??? Urgh! 

Nothing says it's the noughties more than the offer to subscribe to a newsletter.

No thank you!

But wait! Don't forget we're recipients of email too.

And we get it. Email can be so incredibly dull.

Mostly people just send boring promotional stuff anyway.

So here's what we do differently...

Every month we send out one email (note, I say "every month" but it's more a case of "every month-ish" - remember, when it comes to marketing, do I say not always as I do!). 

Anyway, this email I call the Consulting Business Journal. Or "CBJ" for short.

It's mostly us sharing what's we've learned from the marketing work we've done with clients over the past month, how we've been marketing our own firm, and what we've been reading, watching and listening to learn from. 

Every once in a while - although not particularly often - we might send out an email to make you aware of additional services or promotions - not that we really do 'promotions' as this is B2B not B2C!

Anyway, if you like what you've seen so far and would like to hear from us every month (ish), then fill out the form below to join your peers as a CBJ subscriber.