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Effective Marketing for B2B Firms that Consult

I want more clients!

...said every consulting business leader I've ever spoken to.

Let me tell you what they never say:

I want more marketing!

In fact, what I hear more often than not is:

“I don’t want to market and sell, I just want people to buy!”

The problem is...

Your growth strategy is limited if you're relying solely on repeat business and referrals...

You may want more clients, but in order to achieve that what you need is effective marketing...

The successful marketing of a consulting business relies on building trust, and that takes time...

So what‘s this site all about, and what will you find on here?

Well, like all good marketers, we started above by identifying the problems that we help you to solve, and the opportunities that we help you to realise.

As a reminder, it's firms who want more clients (the opportunity).

And it's those firms who aren't getting the marketing results that they need; or they don’t have the time to market effectively; or they find themselves paralysed by choice and the fear of making the wrong decisions; and it's those businesses still relying on repeat business and referrals as their sole growth strategy (the problems). 

That's the problems and opportunities, but what about the "ideal client", the 'Perfect prospect"?


If you're a micro-business, boutique firm, medium-sized firm, or even an enterprise business that consults...

If you call yourself a consulting business, a professional services firm, or something else that describes what you do...

If your core business asset is the knowledge in the head's of your employees...

And your core customers are other businesses...

Then it's you! You are who this site is for.

Firms that consult, who want more clients, and who need better marketing. 

Let's get on with the solutions> Where to next?

Who on earth am I, and why should you listen to me?


Martin J Williams

I've been a consultant to mid and large-sized corporates for 25 years.

Selling consulting engagements from 4 to 7 figures, I’ve worked in every size consulting firm, from my own one-person startup, through to global firms with hundreds of thousands of staff.

In my quest to build a successful consulting business, I invested tens of thousands on business coaches and courses, and read hundreds of books.

I tried every marketing tactic you can think of, from blogging, podcasting, webinars, content marketing, paid advertising, cold calling, and many more.

Along the way I experienced more failure than I ever thought possible! However, through it all I learnt what actually works to successfully generate leads for a consultancy.

Now, I didn't choose or mean to become a marketer - I had to do it out of necessity. But then, like all good passions, it found me! I'd learnt too much to keep it to myself, so I now combine my expertise in consulting businesses with my knowledge and experience in marketing to help my clients to grow!

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